Organoclay gellants,graphite powders in India

Sharda Enterprises




For Aluminium Hydroxide








For Calcium Carbonate








For Graphite powders



Martinswerk Gmbh , Germany :

Martinal-OL - Precipited Aluminium Hydroxides

Martinal-ON - Ground Aluminium Hydroxides

Magnifin - Magnesium Hydroxides

Martoxid - Calcined alumina and ready press powders

Martipol - Polishing alumina

Pergopak - Matting agent


Imerys , UK / USA / Singapore :

Polestar-200R - For rubber

Polestar-450 - For PVC

Polarite - Silane treated calcined clays

Polcarb - Ultrafine calcium carbonate

Carbital - Ultrafine calcium carbonate




Timcal Ltd., Switzerland :

Timrex - High purity syn. graphite powders & coke

Ensaco - Conductive Carbons

Note : The above mentioned trade names and logos belong to the respective principals

Organoclay gellants,graphite powders

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Organoclay gellants,graphite powders