aluminium hydroxide,calcined alumina,bentonites

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Calcined Alumina










Flame retardant filler for use in polymers.Where processing

temperatures do not exceed 150 deg. C. Available with various

coatings and particle size distribution . It is also recommended

for use in paints, inks and paper industry as extender for TiO2.


Flame retardant available with various coatings and particle

size distribution for use in polymers where processing temp.

upto 340 deg.C.


Speciality grades with very low soda and very fine particle size for

use in technical ceramics , insulators , spark plugs , refractories.

Also available special grades for polishing industry - mainly steel

and glass. 


High purity refined bentonite with low iron content for use in cosmetic

and ceramics.


Conductive carbons for use plastics and rubber.


aluminium hydroxide,calcined alumina,bentonites

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aluminium hydroxide,calcined alumina,bentonite